18. May 2017

Sketch Notes At UIKonf 2017

I attended UIKonf (iOS developer conference in Berlin) this week. Great conference. I have been at UIKonf in 2014 but this time it was so much better for me because I talked to so many people. It's not that the people have been more open this time.

It's more like this time I met many people I knew from Twitter and Slack channels. In addition I have been grown more into the community since 2014.

Something else was different this time. For the first time I started to do sketch notes during the talks. I'm not good with sketch notes yet meaning that I cannot draw. As a result often I had to write words instead of drawing images. Nevertheless doing sketch notes helped me to stay focused and concentrated. And I still remember what was presented in most of the talks.

After each talk I published the sketch note to twitter and shared it with the speaker(s). This way the speaker got feedback about what key points I digested.

I used Notablility on my iPad. During the talks I edited the notes if necessary, for example when I first misunderstood the point or when the visual structure could be improved by moving stuff around. But I didn't change anything after the talk was over. And here are the notes together with the links to the videos. Have fun! ## [YOLO Releases Considered Harmful](https://youtu.be/7DIVDzHtL2c) [Cate Huston](https://twitter.com/catehstn) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/01.png) --- ## [Review All The Thinks!](https://youtu.be/KRVdrwxIszU) [Marciej Piotrowski](https://twitter.com/paciej00) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/02.jpg) --- ## [High Performance App Architecture](https://youtu.be/kHG_zw75SjE) [Marcel Weiher](https://twitter.com/mpweiher) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/03.jpg) --- ## [Reactive Programming From Scratch](https://youtu.be/sEQiMCiMgpc) [Thomas Visser](https://mobile.twitter.com/thomvis) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/04.jpg) --- ## [Good Typography, Better Apps](https://youtu.be/YM2Nj691PMo) [Frank Rausch](https://mobile.twitter.com/frankrausch) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/05.jpg) --- ## Unsophisticated Software Development Andreas Oetjen Unfortunately I stopped doing sketch notes during the talk because I didn't get the key points. --- ## An iOS Developer's take on React Native [Harry Tormey](https://twitter.com/htormey) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/06.jpg) --- ## [Learning From Our Elders](https://youtu.be/c3Kg3c8vqsc) [Rob Napier](https://mobile.twitter.com/cocoaphony) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/07.jpg) --- ## [Re:Programming Language](https://youtu.be/naAR9qxVOxc) [TJ Usiyan](https://mobile.twitter.com/griotspeak) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/08.jpg) --- ## [Implementing Compassion](https://youtu.be/8YgN9XWE_dY) [Gwen Weston](https://mobile.twitter.com/purpleyay) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/09.jpg) --- ## [Move fast and keep your code quality](https://youtu.be/gsLoUN7jyNs) [Francisco Diaz](https://mobile.twitter.com/fco_diaz) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/10.jpg) --- ## [Strong typing from the server to the UI with GraphQL](https://youtu.be/MGHwJ-dH2Os) [Martijn Walraven](https://mobile.twitter.com/martijnwalraven) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/11.jpg) --- ## [Code Generation in Swift](https://youtu.be/x_viZfIe8tY) [Olivier Halligon](https://mobile.twitter.com/aligatr) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/12.jpg) --- ## [Developing Empathy](https://youtu.be/PUJxodCM6Sg) [Sarah E Olson](https://mobile.twitter.com/saraheolson) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/13.jpg) --- ## [Anything you can do, I can do better](https://youtu.be/_DuGaAkQSnM) [Brandon Williams](https://mobile.twitter.com/mbrandonw) & [Lisa Luo](https://mobile.twitter.com/luoser) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/14.jpg) --- ## [Auto Layout - From Trailing to Leading](https://youtu.be/xjArhdrqAn8) [Mischa Hildebrand](https://mobile.twitter.com/DerHildebrand) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/15.jpg) --- ## [Accessibility - iOS for All](https://youtu.be/G01Ac5njNSs) [Sommer Panage](https://twitter.com/sommer) ![](../../assets/2017-05-18/16.jpg) ---
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